The way is long and hard
Beset by thorns and briars
Aspire to the stars or
You’ll never escape yr bars

This life burns with splendor and strife
The laws of love aren’t always that nice
We’re birthed on credit, death’s the price
Try to catch a breath ov Paradise

This path is labyrinthine
Once way awake the world’s like a dream
A stage splitting at the seems
And what’s the role for thee?

Sentient beings are numberless,
Vow to awaken all.
Delusions are limitless
Vow to extinguish all.
The Way’s gates are endless
Vow to enter all.
EnLightenment is infinite
Vow to attain all.

Great works are endless
Though the hour is a little late
Try hard but have mercy
Some say even God make mistakes

This world is all ov ours
On loan from celestial stars
Can you hear their call?

My love are you
Way awake tonight?
Can thee no longer sleep?
Come fall into bed with me
I want to play with you
Way awake there’s so much to do
Don’t you think

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