There’s something about you
That I’m drawn to
Don’t know yet if you’re a
whirl wind or whirl pool

There’s something in me
That’s on yr frequency
What will we channel?
Static or melodies

There’s something about us
That I don’t yet trust
Don’t know yet if we’ll
Crush to diamonds or dust

That something in you
And that something in me
Don’t know bout those two
They’re a mystery

There’s something about you
I’m still digging to get
Whether you’re a pearl
or if you are a pit

There’s something about us
I learned regarding love
I sacrifice and you’re
fang and claw when handed dove

Though you’re kinda bad
I’ve heard that about me
Devils and I gotta
A hella history

I once thought that
there was something
Between you and I
But something else happened
Some things are just a lie

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