How our lips intersect when we kiss
it’s like another link in a chain
on which our wants are hung
nailed up inside our brains

Quintessence and context
True love and this sex
When stars nexus
Our gravity will wreck us

Oh when you lick your links
With rusty rings you get chained
The desires we have, those flowers to tend
each season they wither away

How our lips intersect when we kiss
It’s like another link in a chain
On which our wants are hung
Nailed up inside our brains
I swallowed you like a drink
Tasted you now we two we’re lynxxd
Hunger for your purrs and kink
All you want so you think

Thorns and thistles
Milk honey and musk
Done with the lies
In warm flesh I trust
Our bones haul old stones
Skin stirs the dust
Feet dance all night
Your hips make me lust

Bound to the ground
We all strain at our reins
Dinna give a damn ‘bout Adam
Cause I was cast as Cain
Only a Tree and Thee
Over whom to reign?
All those things that happened
What remains?

How vain is gain
Besides the scars
What will be sustained?
The cords I cut
Sometimes held me up
Now I’m falling unrestrained

With one sole to stand on
Weight’s hard to bear,
Ask anybody brother
Life is hard, not fair
The whirl of the wheel
Throws us around
Soften the blows
The only way I know how

So we make sparks like post-its
Ripped apart in the dark
And our rings become claws
Like nails in our paws
When I take your hand, hear them clink

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