The game ov you
I just can’t win
But maybe in the trying
Our problems all began

We spread out the cards
Layed them in a cross
But we already knew the score
Bet it all or get lost

We threw the dice
Rolled us 3 fives
I guess it’s a strife cubed life
What a feverish way to survive

We entered in the contests
Hoping for a prize
If I only knew the stakes involved
I would got me out alive

So just sit right back
Let me tell a tale
The tale of a fateful trip
it coulda been a holiday
I was as a ship
You were like the wind upon the sea
ever shifting forces so free
You blew me here
You blew me there
In gales how we sailed
To horizons voyaging
and then your storms came in
the waters rose
the aires fell
we became a drowning odyssey
and now adrift I ask thee
what shall I castaway with me

Like a bad penny
You keep coming back to me
& you say to me I’m lucky
& I wonder if I’ll be

Cause the game ov you
I just can’t win
But I do keep trying to
Again and again and again

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