Flowers and stims
like women and men
wanna open right up
and let the light in

Bulls goats and boars
rend rut and gore
Lions tigers and bears
All hunger for more

Roots branches and spores
spread out to receive
and the earth goes green
with grass weeds and trees

Flowers and stims
like women and men
pollinate the planet
with seed from Eden

It’s really the truth though
Thee may wanna grin
Life breeds life
Without thinking of sin

If you go way back
You’d see how it begins
With the rites of spring
Done by everything

Flowers and stims
Like the birds and the bees
Fly where they will
and buzz how they please

Look at Ma nature
See how she teems
with so many beings
and their embodied genes

Now I’m looking for a flower
So pretty so fine
That I can pluck to take
Something wild inside

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