All alone, a monster in the land ov Nod Everyone’s asleep. There is no God I am made of mud and sticks I’m just here to get my kicks Wandered this desert, so long that I’m sink In wrath I make a ruin ov my path Then in pride I take it all in stride I’m all blades from when betrayed And I sheath them in my heart. It’s quit the art. How vivisection smarts I’m crying blood, I’m wasting love I’ve lost my way I have to say Forgive me. I’m having a bad day We’re all bound by cares and fears Be careful not get drunk on your falling[…]

Oh like a pillar of salt You stand before me But when I see you there You’re looking right back at me The city swept away with One glance of your face Like ocean dust blown away On my lips I taste

You are the knife I twist inside my self (it tears) I’m carving out my human cares Through this warped wound spills The musick of fallen spheres I’m saving up blood in bottles And my tears fill vials I’ve become a hollow man That wears a scarlet smile I must Cut cut cut it out of me Cut cut cut cut You are the red thread That stitches up my lips It trails from my tongue Like molten metal drips I trace it thru a maze In a labyrinth like a beast Led down these cloven paths As if by ribbon leashed I must Cut cut cut it off you see[…]

Everything is vanity Wisdom seems like folly I just need me A pretty disco dolly We fuck under heaven and love over hell falling or floating between fabled and real It takes eternity to make heaven And a moment to make a mess I’m not sure what we’re making but it feels ever so true Was it like this in the first white hot room in heat it was born stretching to infinity So I spent seven aeons with thee My toy treasure dolly Everything is vanity Wisdom seems like folly I just need me A pretty disco dolly

[with drums/production by preachervschoir] Baby, you tell me I’m magick, I make the here hard and now bright You wonder if love is true or trick Know the dark is cast by light my witch my miss how do i get a kiss? my witch my miss how to get a kiss? spell silence spell silence it’s easy as 1 2 3 3 2 1 my witch my miss how to shut your lips for a kiss? first spell silence s-p-e-l-l spell silence now say it slow it’s easy 1 2 3 here we go Do I make the bad or do I see it coming? Can create a world or[…]

Green blood they’re after it Green blood Don’t you worry one bit everything’s just fine money equals you times time a function of your worth all slaves upon the earth world run by alien vampires they feed on your terrors where’d they come I cannot say but it seems like far away Just look at their plans Intent to liquify man What are you gonna do? They will melt you to grey goo Green blood they’re after it Green blood Don’t you worry one bit

Which witch Which witch for me they’ve all got their spells they be casting from mountain tops through bass drops they’re dancing in circles like black cats around me kinda a glamour sorta a game there’s a witch war everlasting Which witch Which witch for me a wizard’s like a blizzard white all everything only smothered by these black cats purring yin and yang all uncoiling you know what I mean past occulting all uncovered done magickally

if travel is searching and home has been found i’m not stopping i’m going hunting i’m the hunter i’ll bring back the goods but i don’t know when thought that i could organise freedom how neurotic of me it bursts into chaos but you sussed that out, didn’t you? you could smell it so you left me on my own to complete the mission now i’m leaving it all behind i’m going hunting i’m the hunter… (you just didn’t know me!) (you just didn’t know me!)

I been licking knives to taste blood on my tongue something bout the edge that keeps me feeling young man you know some things just never get old I got a lot to do I’ll rest when I am cold