Life is the ultimate art. Thee artist exemplifies their essence and being, in whatever medium it is expressed, in their creations and routines. The transfiguration of everyday life. As Alice in her Wonderland said, “If I had a world ov my own…” You do. Create, reign, change.

Thee artist is a modern monad, a mad nomad, a singularity, a black hole that consumes experience and their environmental and births their own emanated stellar self in a nova. Past traditions are fuel. The present requires presence (Skt. dhyana). The future can be crafted with a clear eye and sure hand. And so dreams flesh.

Thee artist avoids the vivisection that the world imposes. However thee artist ritually kills their self to birth a more evolved persona (Grk. mask) to interact with the world. Effective art is manifestiny in that it alters its audience without their awareness. We live in a world of weaponized designs. Culture is the war for hearts and minds. The world we believe we live in is the world we live in. They have lied to you to sell you. Know thyself.

Avante Mod believes that art should change the viewer. Inaffective art might as well not be. Art transmits experiences to others who then having tasted something new. Art should be an coherent evolving novelty, not be piecemeal pop pastiche. Art’s Apollonarian aspect aspires to art as thing of beauty forever. Perfection has to do with its the artists’ perspective, persistence, precision, and presentience of its vision. The avoidance of hypocrisy. Discerning taste.

Art needs no explanation or excuse. The postmodern art world is built upon serialized newspaper artvertising that needs editorial musings on its import and context. Avoid others’ enlightscrement. Avante Mod works can be explained in depth with words, but isn’t so dull as to need to gloss itself. Reviewing the experience, calcifies, limits and restricts it. Art set itself free.

“Art” has become increasingly virtual and mediated. Pixels are not paintings. A video is virtual. Avante mod seeks to break through screens and stasis and is against the ersatz and ironic. Art’s Dionysian dimension demands an embodied intensity in art that beyond its concepts and execution is awesome and overwhelming in its application. It’s power impresses and initiates appetites and hungers. Things are best in the flesh. Become experienced.

Live as art. Vis Ars.

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