Which witch Which witch for me they’ve all got their spells they be casting from mountain tops through bass drops they’re dancing in circles like black cats around me kinda a glamour sorta a game there’s a witch war everlasting Which witch Which witch for me a wizard’s like a blizzard white all everything only smothered by these black cats purring yin and yang all uncoiling you know what I mean past occulting all uncovered done magickally

if travel is searching and home has been found i’m not stopping i’m going hunting i’m the hunter i’ll bring back the goods but i don’t know when thought that i could organise freedom how neurotic of me it bursts into chaos but you sussed that out, didn’t you? you could smell it so you left me on my own to complete the mission now i’m leaving it all behind i’m going hunting i’m the hunter… (you just didn’t know me!) (you just didn’t know me!)

I been licking knives to taste blood on my tongue something bout the edge that keeps me feeling young man you know some things just never get old I got a lot to do I’ll rest when I am cold