The still sky is rent Above falls in shards in glass Bright snow of mirrors Broken bottles You’re gonna be When your spirits Runs dry and empty A glass bottle Reflecting the sky You got to live You’re gonna die Where are the snows of yester winters in oceans, clouds, and us transformed by wet surrenders

Flowers and stims like women and men wanna open right up and let the light in Bulls goats and boars rend rut and gore Lions tigers and bears All hunger for more Roots branches and spores spread out to receive and the earth goes green with grass weeds and trees Flowers and stims like women and men pollinate the planet with seed from Eden It’s really the truth though Thee may wanna grin Life breeds life Without thinking of sin If you go way back You’d see how it begins With the rites of spring Done by everything Flowers and stims Like the birds and the bees Fly where they will[…]

On 11 We like it loud Amplified On 11 Up so high On 11 Never turning down again On 11 Past our limits Can you bear the gain? On 11 Like Icarus Reachin’ for heaven On 11 Like Twin towers We might start falling On 11 If it gets to too much We may soon be splitting On 11 Turn it up some more I want it banging 1 and 1 Can be pretty fun That’s a softer kind of mission On 11 Turn it up some more I want it banging