The way is long and hard Beset by thorns and briars Aspire to the stars or You’ll never escape yr bars This life burns with splendor and strife The laws of love aren’t always that nice We’re birthed on credit, death’s the price Try to catch a breath ov Paradise This path is labyrinthine Once way awake the world’s like a dream A stage splitting at the seems And what’s the role for thee? Sentient beings are numberless, Vow to awaken all. Delusions are limitless Vow to extinguish all. The Way’s gates are endless Vow to enter all. EnLightenment is infinite Vow to attain all. Great works are endless Though the[…]

A protest for William S. Burroughs, Gabriel D’Annunzio & Diogenes. Prisoners of the Earth I’ve got a message for you There’s minutes to go, What can people even do? Thee were born to be free Once thrones we toppled down Took a few centuries Now corporations are crowned Lost our faith and credit, now we service debt The pyramid scheme’s always been a fucking wreck Those too few who wield power and force Maintain their positions by glower and farce Are you true blue or are you blood red? Only two choices the TV says This ‘uh or that ‘er, it just doesn’t matter All I know is that the pigs[…]

All alone, a monster in the land ov Nod Everyone’s asleep. There is no God I am made of mud and sticks I’m just here to get my kicks Wandered this desert, so long that I’m sink In wrath I make a ruin ov my path Then in pride I take it all in stride I’m all blades from when betrayed And I sheath them in my heart. It’s quit the art. How vivisection smarts I’m crying blood, I’m wasting love I’ve lost my way I have to say Forgive me. I’m having a bad day We’re all bound by cares and fears Be careful not get drunk on your falling[…]

How our lips intersect when we kiss it’s like another link in a chain on which our wants are hung nailed up inside our brains Quintessence and context True love and this sex When stars nexus Our gravity will wreck us Oh when you lick your links With rusty rings you get chained The desires we have, those flowers to tend each season they wither away How our lips intersect when we kiss It’s like another link in a chain On which our wants are hung Nailed up inside our brains I swallowed you like a drink Tasted you now we two we’re lynxxd Hunger for your purrs and kink All[…]

New moon on the rise Old things must die And as I wax on So you wane Luminous bodies Shine with pale light But all things pass and fade with time Like sand castles washed away by tides They were still built on the beach with that in mind A lone bright moon In an unclouded sky As we slumber on needles Amongst the pines There’s as much black in the sky As there’s white in my eyes But they both pour down rain When precipitating New moon on the rise Next crescent then full Without surprise It’s all just a phase

NO FUN No fun my babe No fun  No fun my babe No fun  No fun to hang around Feelin’ that same old way No fun to hang around  Freaked out for another day No fun my babe No fun  No fun my babe No fun  No fun to be alone Walking by myself No fun to be alone  In love with nobody else Well maybe go out, maybe stay home Maybe call Mom on the telephone Well c’mon, well c’mon C’mon c’mon I say lemme hear you Tell em how I feel, yeah, my man No fun to be alone It’s no fun to be alone Hang on Don’t you[…]