There is no salvation You are always here Every man and every woman is a star Like a spark in this world of tar For those who seek the light in the night For thee who yearn lust & burn May Eden Come May Eden Come

We kicked cross the floor Our hearts beating breaks Always wanting more What couldn’t we take The drums made us step The bass pulsed and then dropped Our love burned like a star Thru and thru till it popped Bright lights Hot nights We lust As we must Our love’s like a club Love love love love Our love’s is a club As below so above Love will love Will love evolve U I Kno Hearts beat break You strike like snake You coo like a dove You use love like a club But a club isn’t love What we woulda been What we coulda become Lost in a kingdom undone[…]

I live in a house of swords and mirrors A life shaped into points edges and planes Everything separated A world thru window pains The glass etched with acid The chimney black with smoke Painted walls and long dark halls Within a world my own invoked My house is full up with gleaming things To ground I’m bound. But I want my wings Armories & amor are keys In catacombs and memories A burning sky Beside the sea Beautiful desolation Surrounds me A garden full of weeds Snakes and apple trees Crows roost in the lees Smoke in the breeze A world of your own Is our truest home Wherever I[…]

I’m wasted… I make these little lists of to-dos But it’s all a waste of time What why who to do We’re just wasting in time It’s a waste Our spent sweat tears and cum It’s a waste Just what have you done? Days spent in electronic walled wastes Our thoughts shot posted as interface All those screen before your face Sitting complacent wasting in place Behind us in dust footsteps are traced I guess all we can hope for is moments of grace. It’s a waste These things that we do In a vast landscape We’re seeking what’s true Like black cats sailing thru pitch dark space Like the seeds[…]